Blogging for Business [Notion Template]

Shubham Davey
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Blogging for Business [Notion Template]

I wish I had this template when I started out in 2011. This saves so much time & I feel so confident about the posts I publish. Feeling confident about the content is all a writer needs. I've been there.

Who wouldn't like to write more with least efforts? No, I'm not talking about rubbish content automation tools. Incorporating a system to help you with most mundane tasks.

This simple template will help you do so much more with your content. There has to be a system that can take care of keeping me on track. This is the exact system that helps me write frictionless. Been testing this for almost a year now. It works so well.

Why did I create this?

Because, even I couldn't do it without such a system.

The biggest problem content writing has is not knowing what to write. Even if you have topics, what goes into it is most daunting part. The problem is so serious that, most bloggers/solopreneurs don't even get started.

Such a big problem can be fixed with this simple solution.

I've created this Notion dashboard to help other bloggers & solopreneurs to write content that actually sells.

I've spent several weeks & hundreds of dollars working on it, so that you don't have to spend time building such an effective system from scratch.

The outcome isn't far away, if:

  1. You're a full-time blogger & want to make money blogging
  2. You're a founder who want to scale your business by blogging about it or making this template a part of your marketing team.

What's inside:

  1. Tried & tested checklist to write stunning blogs that your readers would love to consume
  2. Checklist to make sure you don't confuse Google (& other search engines)
  3. Setup guides about the most important tracking tools to grow your blog
  4. Track expenses, earnings & most important KPIs
  5. Distribution checklist for promoting your blogs

P.S: You get lifetime upgrades. I will share the link to updated template every time there's a major update via email.

Make sure you add my email to your contacts to avoid missing the email (If you don't, it might end in spam)

Once you start using the template, you'll already be done with the hardest part, what's next?

  1. 30+ SOPs for better writing (especially when you onboard newcomers)
  2. 200+ Tools, guides & study materials to help you write better blogs
  3. Community to grow together
  4. Live sessions to learn more
  5. Courses & free workshops
  6. Personal dashboard & several new templates to manage the whole blogging for business
  7. ...a lot of surprises

I know, it's not your fault, but keep these points in mind:

  1. This template will not get you the views, your efforts will. Use this template as a guide & not a supplement/replacement
  2. I've tried to find the best resources. However, this template will not satisfy everyone's needs, therefore I will offer consultation calls to anyone who needs personalized help. Please shoot an email with the purchase receipt.
  3. This is not a video course. It's a system to help you create blogs effectively.


Does this work on the free version of Notion?
Of course. Upon successful purchase, you will receive an email from me with the link to the Notion template. You can duplicate the template & start using it. Don't worry I will also link a video showing you how to duplicate. You don't have to be a personal pro user.

Is there a refund policy?

I hate to disappoint you. If you think this template is of no use, write an email to me & share your views on what's missing. I'll give you full refund of your money. However, due to the nature of this template (you'll still have the duplicated copy even after the refund), you will have to convince me that you genuinely didn't find any value in the template.

Can I modify the template after I duplicate?

You're free to use & modify the template, the way you like. However, if you use it for commercial use, I'd expect a shout-out so that I don't miss out on reaching people like you.

Why should I buy from you?

I want to be crystal clear here. I have grown from a passionate boy to a curious man in this industry. This industry has made me who I am today.

This template isn't for everyone. I encourage beginners to use this template, but spending $29.99 right now isn't worth it.

Check out this database template that I've created as part of the whole package. You'll get an idea of what you're gonna get from this dashboard.

For those who want to scale their blogs, you'll definitely find this useful. I'm personally using this template for each and every blog I publish. I'm using this template since Jan'22 and it has brought me tremendous results, already.

For no matter what reason, if you think my template isn't worth it, doesn't matter if you're a beginner or a seasoned blogger, feel free to check out these free resources:

  1. Get started with blogging (8 steps to starting a successful blog)
  2. How search engines work (Anatomy of search to make your content discoverable)
  3. Modern monetization ideas that work
  4. Write SEO friendly copies fast (Proven ways to write SEO friendly copies)
  5. Content writing framework (proven, tried & tested framework that works)

Any other questions?
You can DM me on Twitter @bydaveyji

P.S. If you think you can't afford this template, please reach out to me so that I can work the best deal for you.

  • Format: Easy to duplicate 'Notion template'

  • Access
  • Updates (This template only)
    Lifetime Updates (delivered via email)
  • Guarantee
    07 days money back guarantee
  • Format: Easy to duplicate 'Notion template'
  • AccessLifetime
  • Updates (This template only)Lifetime Updates (delivered via email)
  • Guarantee07 days money back guarantee
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Blogging for Business [Notion Template]

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